Monday, July 13, 2015

Wardrobe Closet, Pantry and Beverage Bar

In one day, the wardrobe closet was built.  Thanks to a GoPro, you can see the construction.  The first few pieces of flooring had to be installed since I wanted the wardrobe to have an open bottom so I can kick off my shoes.  The wardrobe has four 6” deep drawers and space for hanging clothes.  A full length door will cover the entire closet, so the drawers have hand cut outs. (pic)     I made the drawers out of plywood; but on future drawers, I will use 1x dimensional lumber after discovering how heavy plywood can be.  Each drawer took 1 hour to build on July 3rd. 

After the wardrobe closet frame was finished, we framed the cabinet beside the refrigerator.  On a following weekend, we finished that cabinet.  It provides two pantry drawers and an area for cookie sheets, cutting boards, etc.  The idea started out as an open bookshelf, but became a pantry while constructing it.  (pic)   Once complete, a ¾” butcher block counter will be placed over the refrigerator and this pantry cabinet. the counter will be covered in a epoxy creating a 'bar look' -- and will indeed be a beverage bar. 

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