Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vanity and Cabinet Building

The vanity was a good trail to see if I could build cabinents at all.  If successful, I would build kitchen cabinets, too.  Kreg cabinet tools are fantastic and fun to use.  In May, I purchased ‘select pine’ for the bath vanity and having quality lumber sure makes woodworking pleasurable.  The Kreg tools made the vanity a good learning experience, especially since it is very small.  I'm really happy for deciding to build the vanity as it will cover the water supply lines and drain pipe while providing storage for toilet paper, etc.  I used 1.25" Kreg wood screws and their 3" Premium Face Clamp

I also spent a day designing the kitchen cabinets, based upon my original floor plan.  I used Ikea's cabinet design tool on-line.   Their estimate was $1500 for just 5-6 cabinets.  Lowes and Home Depot were $1600 and $1200 respectively.  Since using off-the-shelf cabinets still require fabricating the cabinet for the RV cooking range, I decided to make the kitchen cabinets to save money, making exactly what I want, and expanding my work working knowledge.

After making the vanity, I widened an old louvered door for the bathroom pocket door.  (pic).  I really like the pocket door and how it turned out.  I painted primed the bathroom vanity and the pocket door and will ultimately pain them with a semi-gloss white.

By the way, the wall hung/glued bathroom sink was very well attached. I should not have worried about it coming off because removing it was quite a challenge even using a crow bar!

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