Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Shower and Bathroom Sink

Later in April, I focused on the shower.  The white tile board was light and easy to install.  The trim covers all the rough edges from using the table saw.  We installed the back wall first since it had corner moldings, then cut and installed the sides.  At the suggestion of some YouTube video, I made circles of super grip glue to provide a suction against the wall.  I think it worked pretty well.  For holding the sides in place, I cut and used slim 3/16 inch strips of wood about ¾” wider than the shower.  Since the flex easily, they pushed the wall panels out against each other until they dried. I used about 15-20 and covered the ends with masking tape as not to dent/scratch the tile board. It was a great idea.  As a reminder to TH DIYers, install the shower drain in the pan before installing the pan and eliminate a headache.

After installing the shower walls, the ceramic sink could be installed. The one I had gotten was small.  Oddly, it only had one single steel plate screwed to the wall where the sink would 'rest'.  The installation instructions said the glue would be sufficient to keep it attached to the wall.  I was suspect that someone might pull on the sink so decided to replace it with a sink that required support -- a vanity.  The side benefit is that I would also have some storage area in the bathroom, so I ordered rectangular replacement sink.    

Once the replacement sink arrived, it was time to build the vanity.   Back to my book on cabinet making and searching YouTube.

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