Monday, July 27, 2015

Cabinent progress continues

Wardrobe Closet with Four Drawers Installed
Yesterday, many of the cabinets were primed and painted. Additionally, four drawers for the wardrobe closet were finished and INSTALLED.  I used full extension, automatic close slides, and love them.  I also like the semi-gloss white paint as it contrasts with the natural wood and should be easy to wipe clean. Fortunately, I had a expert painter so the finished product looks terrific. I remind readers of this blog that you need sand between all coats of primer or paint in order to get a smooth surface. My six inch circular sander and the triangular sanding pad on my Dremel were both useful and made this job easy.
The last of the drawers -- all built
I have eight more drawers left to paint and install next weekend, requiring another 8-10 hours of sanding and painting. My kitchen is larger than in most tiny houses, so there will be an unusual lots of space for foodies like me.

The video showing how to install slides the easy way was useful information.  Getting the drawers to properly close, you need to be sure both sides of the drawer is equal distance from the cabinet frame when attaching the slide to the drawer itself.  Otherwise, when closed, the drawer may not be flush with the face frame on both sides.  Fortunately, my wardrobe closet was square and level so we ran into no trouble when your fine carpentry is not perfect. 

Toilet Flange Installed in Bathroom (if you have to flush)

Two small other tasks were finished.  The trim around the shower tile board is now finished, and the toilet flange for 'conventional poop removal' is now installed.  The toilet flange is installed on top of the T&G finish flooring...ready for use by anyone who loves flushing with water.

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