Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kitchen Planning, composting toilet and ladder slide

Before starting on the kitchen cabinets, I had purchased a 21” RV range, a refrigerator with separate freezer, the kitchen sink, and the under-the-cabinet garbage/recycling system from Rev-A-Shelf.  I also ordered enough soft-close slides for all of my planned drawers.  (links)  Having those items and being able to make exact measurements facilitated the final cabinet design for the kitchen and my wardrobe closet.  I remind readers that shopping is time consuming!  

While waiting on the appliances to arrive, I painted and installed a pipe for the ladder slide. I learned you cannot paint Galvanized pipe easily and  I ended up exchanging it for the non-galvanized black pipe used for natural gas.   

Additionally, I made the composting toilet box and covered it with white, washable tongue and groove PVC planking.  A garbage can will store the sawdust next to my Privy 501 Urine Diverting Folding Seat. I really believe in waterless toilets.  However, for you conventional thinkers, my composting toilet can be replaced with a traditional water wasting toilet since a toilet flange and water valve are already installed in my tiny house.

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