Wednesday, April 9, 2014


SharkBite ( plumbing fixtures is one of God's gift to DIYers. They are amazing and almost fool proof. Matter of fact, while using these cool gizmos in the last house I built, I was joyful that no connection leaked EXCEPT the regular threaded fitting which was not a SharkBite!  These are available online and from Home Depot locally and although expensive, they are worth every penny.  I have one shower, one bathroom sink, one water line for the toilet (perhaps will never be used) and one kitchen sink.  This project will take full a day or less if you have everything. I unfortunately had one snag:  the corner of the building had to be notched to get two water lines around the corner...see picture.  A drill, chisel and sweat is all it took. I believe notching would have been unnecessary had I pre-drilled the walls in that corner when they were going up.  Another lesson learned.

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