Sunday, April 13, 2014

A/C installed. Electrical Plan Created

AC installed with Grace Weather Shield on a Wall!

Well, average daily high are about 85F now and we're at 80F by 10am.  So, I debated quite some time about when and where to put a window A/C. After last weekends baking-my-brains, I decided it was over and I would install an A/C early so that construction would be more comfortable. So, today I finished the framing for the A/C in the gable end and applied Grace Snow and Ice Shield -- peel and stick weather proofing.  I love that material. Usually applied to the roof, you can apply it to a wall.  Anyway, the picture shows the finished product. I spent the day cutting and installing the outermost insulation in the dormer.....feeling quite comfortable in midday.

As an update on the roof, I drove to Alachua to Gulf Coast Supply on late afternoon on Friday --- getting there just before the closed.  The loaded my truck with $1000 (including gas for the truck) of who-knows-what and handed me a detailed manual for the installation.   I suspect I won't begin putting on the standing steam roof until May. We shall see if installing the roof is satisfactory, I will have saved $1500! Everything is a learning experience, why not one more?

This week my friend Chris is coming from WA State to install the electrical.  For me, the electrical is something worth hiring a licensed expert.  It is simply something I don't understand and fear. Stay tuned.  I did finish my electrical wiring plan:

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