Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Box Window

 On Saturday, Jack and I spent the day finishing fourth wall which contains the box window.

Two boxes were built:  a top and a bottom.  Both were built with 2x6s on the three exterior sides and a 2x4 on the interior side.  The floor and roof of the box window will rest onto of the 2x4. We added the first piece of insulation to the floor and roof of the box window. Next, we screwed 2x4 frame that was prebuilt, using the specified window rough opening, onto the Top box. We were able to then place it between the wall studs, level it, and add screws to hold.  Lastly, we the Bottom box in place, screwed the pre-built window box on the appropriate edge, then leveled the rest of the box between the studs and screwed it in place. The process of building the window box was  relatively easy.  Additionally, I will need to add some nailing piece in obvious places where the T&G will be installed.  The box window extends only 12" beyond the wall. I've decided to expand the width of the overall box window to about 48" to (1) add additional insulation and (2) enhance the look. 

A box window adds depth inside and creates character outside.  A lot of work for aesthetics, but I think it is worth it.  I also must add the box window necessitated some on-the-fly design. 

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  1. An update: Once installed, I discovered that my 'great' plan had one flaw. The interior trim was no wider on the left and right sides than in my first attempt and that I now had to figure out a way to cover up the 2x6's. One option that I seriously considered was to tear out the box window again, remove at least one of the double 2x6 studs and rebuild it 3" wider. I'm not joking. I explained my problem and demonstrated the interior issue to several people. In one of the last show and tell sessions, a idea flashed about how to deal with my 2x6s. The idea will work. So since I went from two problems to one, I've decided to live with a narrower box window. In hindsight, I would build the box window frame *before* framing that associated wall.