Friday, April 11, 2014

Plumbing has no leads! I love shark bites!

Had to notch the corner for PEX supply lines
I finished the plumbing supply lines and hooked up a hose to test the connections.  I have a leak with the shower fixture itself, but that isn't concerning me right now.  ALL OTHER CONNECTIONS are dry!  Yes, shark bites saved another project.  I will be doing an all day pressure test once I get the shower drip fixed.

The T-fitting shown in the picture is where the supply line comes into the Tiny House.  I bought a special hose fitting from a local RV shop for $20.  The pipes with red duct tape are planned for hot water.  I have not decided on which model but I will be installing an external outlet for power should it be needed.  

Plumbing is never easy, but Shark Bites makes it almost simple and error free. Nonetheless, notching the corner and putting in all supply lines is a 1/2 day project. I had to return my initial shower fixture since it was too deep for 3.5" wall. 

My friend Chris reminded me about vent stacks for my disposal lines. When I bough my building plans for Tumbleweed, I did not receive plumbing plans. Just FYI. So look for plans that include everything. The plumbing is 'on your own' hence why I forgot about that the vent issue. 

After a bit of research, I'm planning to try using Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. [Note: be sure you read about AAVs...the news is not all good.] My compost toilet won't need a vent stack.  This plan may change.  Connecting discharge pipes are details to be worked out later....


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