Monday, March 2, 2015

Pocket Door Frame Installed

Pocket Door Frame Installed
More T&G was installed inside while the rain fell outside.  The ceiling, dormer walls and gable ends are done!

The bathroom pocket door frame was installed, centered in the tiny house. It is a Johnson pocket door frame #5062 from Home Depot.  Installation video is available on the company's website and was easy to install. I will build a light weight, 24" door.  Since the size of my bathroom is based upon the shower pan, make sure it slides in easily before screwing your pocket door to the floor. The shower drain should be installed on the pan and the hole drilled to the right size before attaching the pan to the studs.

I would recommend for those who are designing TH's, make your walls (from subfloor to bottom of 4x4s loft floor joists) 71" high to accommodate most off-the-shelf pantry furniture. Since I'm planning to build my kitchen cabinets by hand, it won't matter. [My walls are 69.25" high]

Casement Stay or Dormer Window

On the left, is a picture of the casement stay that will be used to lock as well as open the dormer windows.  They are available from the Antique House of Hardware, Inc for about $16 each. Casement stays are designed to be installed on the side rails of the window pane, which coincidentally is a bit larger on my hand made windows. The casement stays are brass and look fantastic.


  1. Hello, Cy! Thanks for sharing those tips on how to install a pocket door frame. It seems easy to do, given those simple steps. I wonder how it looks now. Is it finished already? I hope to see some photos of it soon. Have a nice day! :-)

    Doug Lowe @ MM Glass Ltd

  2. I love watching the progress of your house project on your blog. It is really awesome watching it all come together. I really like that you are doing most of it yourself too. Not very many homeowners can do that. Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks. I can't wait to read the rest and catch up!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock