Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Exterior Trim is Finished

All PVC Trim installed!
 All the trim is finally on the exterior, including corner trim and soffits. It is an incredible feeling to get to this point -- in only 13 months. LOL.  It looks terrific.  My little Sunflower is cute, eh?

As in an earlier post, the knotty pine tongue and groove is will cover the ceiling and walls.  Below is a picture of the planking around the box window. The planking is easy to install and looks good. 

I'm looking for a small, local cabinet maker since I have finished the design for the kitchen cabinets.  I think there will be plenty of room.  The cost for 'better quality cabinets' from Lowes or Ikea ranges  in price from $1250-1700.  Amazingly expensive (in my opinion) and that doesn't include the counter tops.

Box window with Knotty Pine around
My friend, Arthur, says that many cabinet makers buy their doors and drawers pre-built.  I'll let you know what I learn in this process.

I can only tell you that when you get to begin working in the inside (when the outside is done), the feeling changes. It feels like decorating or remodeling.  I am dreaming about spending my first week inside my tiny house and thinking being in community with fellow THers.

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