Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pine Planking in Gables and Cathedral Ceiling

Open cell insulation was blown in before New Years! Love it. The ceiling and walls needed no more than 3".  Unfortunately, the waste created was too much.  They hauled away more than remains in the tiny house. Had a I known this, I would have found another insulation, since the waste was horrendous and could possibly been chopped up and blown into typical home ceilings, for example. Very little trimming was required, and have used a curry brush (used for combing horses) very effectively And since this insulation is so soft, you can push it with your hand and compress it enough to install the planking in most places. 
In the picture above, you can see the sprayed in insulation and the 8'x4"x5/16". Knotty Pine Beaded Planks (from Home Depot) in the gable end and the cathedral ceiling started. In two days, we completed both gable ends and the cathedral ceiling. It is beautiful. The dormer ceiling and all walls are yet to be completed, probably requiring another two full days. I really like the rustic look.  One package of six pieces sells for ~$17 and covers 13 sq feet. In the picture below, you see the fan box. The ridge board was covered with two pieces of 4" planking, tongue to tongue. The planks were glued to the rafters or ridge boards, then nailed with finish nails.  The nails do not show against the knotty pine.  After the planking is up, trim has to be installed around the windows, door and where two walls meet. I plan to spray a coat or two of polyurethane when completely installed.

I see the end of the tunnel, finally.

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  1. I just read your entire blog this evening, and I felt that I had to write to tell you how amazing your new Tiny Home is! I enjoyed sitting/standing there beside you every step of the way too. You gave out so much information as you went along, but mostly you made it seem like building one's own Tiny Home is doable! You should be very very proud of yourself. I look forward to your final entries after you have completed that huge To Do List! I am also hoping you will give us a video tour of the completed Sunflower. (LOVE the name.)