Monday, December 29, 2014

Insulation Complete

After spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday finishing the electricity, water heater insulation, and prepping for the spray-in foam insulation.  I'm amazed about how many undone things had to be completed.  I took photos of every wall, marked every stud where water and electric is run (by the way, it is best to wait until after the foam is sprayed before installing nail plates since the have a special saw that runs along the studs, removing the excess after it expands. Nail plates that are not flush with the 2x4s will catch the saw teeth.  Better yet, use the Dremel or a router to recess the nail plates 1/8". 

Daniel Insulation is a great outfit and very reasonable (I think) in price. The other option I considered was poly-encapsulated insulation (available from stores like Lowes.)  Poly-encapsulated insulation is entirely wrapped in plastic.  Supposedly Home Depot apparently carries the same spray-in foam for DIYers. I will explore both of these options next time. 

My Tiny House is now like a foam cooler. I'm ready for the planking installation! 

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