Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Open House (aka see the guts and the glory event)

Well with the roof done and went through (safely) it's first 6" or more downpour, it's time to think about siding and blown in insulation.  Nothing has taken as long as getting the roof on and that has make me think a lot about process. Many FB folks have been silent on the myriad of question...and I've posted a few. Nonetheless, I've invited the 570 people who have joined over the past 13-14 months to come visit on Saturday. After everything and every decision I have made, I'm not sure I can do much more than explain WHY (at the time) I did what I did.

Documentation for a remote electrician
I'm spending my evenings getting ready which pretty much means cleaning the mess up!  I'm also working on a few odds and ends that were at the 98% level of completion.  Making it to 100% of anything I have found weirdly impossible. My buddy Chis Flath  -- licensed electrician -- is still helping remotely.  Here is one of the most complex wiring delimna's from yesterday's efforts.  Again, simple electrical can be for the average DIY.  I must not be average because this wasn't easy to me.

Here you see a simple 2-gang box above the gable window.  It is where I plan to power rope lights in the living area and two puck lights in the box window.  Pretty simple you'd think.  After me sending this picture and speaking to him on the phone, I wired it up. We shall see if it all works when I plug it all back in...which is my goal on Friday. Since power is the only 'cool' thing that actually does something, it thought could be a focus point.  I should have had Chris make a YouTube video! Please note in the picture that Chris' way of documenting (for other electric geeks in the future) what each line you see the white labels made with romex plastic? 

Today, my John is coming back for some finishing touches on the roof and then we're celebrating with some beer. I can't drink a whole case since I still have more outlets to install!  Beer and electricity do not mix but apparently that's my rule, not Chris'.

In closing comments, a FB friend mentioned, "Cy, I am really proud of your building a tiny house with little experience."  I replied, "is it bravery or stupidity?"  The jury is still out. I reflected on the hours of work and the never ending learning I face on a daily basis.  In all honestly, I enjoy the construction process, making something with my own hands.  All that being said, get tired of trying to get answers to an apparently unending list of questions. Many of the time, I get shoulder shrugs and 'I don't know, never done that before.'  Few people voice an opinion, and some more loudly than others.  Having other minds to bounce ideas has been one key blessings of having firend and volunteers help. Thank you Leland, Genie, Jack, Chris, John...and those of you in the future who are ready to get your hands dirty (so to speak.)

In this process I have recognized that since the dawn of cave time, there are many ways to slay a dragon. You have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself. At the end of this journey, I will have made good decisions and not-so-good decisions.  And as in life, it is the journey not the goal that will matter most. What I love the most is having a vision it and make it appear. I believe in magic. Besides, this is the closet thing to birthing a child as I will get.  

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