Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Started putting up the fascia boards and applying the weather seal on the roof sheathing.  In hindsight, I should have applied a weather seal (such as Grace Ice and Shield HT underlayment) as soon as you screw down your sheathing.  Of course, this is because I'm not building in a building!  But I've already mentioned how nice it would be to just close the big garage door and go home.  Instead, I have to pull over tarps and put bungees on. And that is not easy when the rafters are on! 

After using wood 1x6 pine fascia boards, I decided to stop while I was ahead and get the PVC version. I'm very happy I did. I find the PVC easy to use and work with. It looks great, and doesn't have to be painted if you like white trim. The only thing to watch is the evenness of your rafter tails.  If they are not the same length, then install a subfascia to reduce the waves. Since a rafter template was used and the wall was fairly straight, the end result looks pretty nice! 

I ended up trimming my roof sheathing close to the rafter ends before installing the PVC boards so I could put the fascia up straight. But, now I realize my maticulous detail was unnecessary since the drip edge hides many imperfections where the roof and the fascia meet.

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