Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Roof Begins

<p>After being out of town, last weekend work began again.  I laminated the ridge board and it is ready to go up.  Cut the rafter pattern and got two rafters up on one gable end as well as the dormer walls. One piece of advice, participate in everything.  I learned that drawings do not help folks that can read them...even if you think you've explained them clearly. 
<p>So, after last weekend's full day, today will begin with disassembling the gable end since the consensus it that it is too high.  There is a big discussion going on for quite some time.  Here is my advice so far, should anyone want to engage in the debate -- if you are building and not moving the tiny house far, feel free to go to 13' 5"; otherwise, you need to keep it roughly the size of most RV's which is roughly 12' to 12' 7". For what it's worth, I suspect the moving company is expecting an RV size. Anyway, the net of this is that I'm dropping the total height because the plans show that the roof with ridge cap may extend 8" taller than the top of the ridge board itself.  Simple calculations show that my house would be right at 14' when complete.  And that just ain't going to work! 
<p>No one will know how much I want to 'dry in' my Tiny House.  This roof endeavor is proving to be quite the challenge.  I will wait to tell you what I have learned about roofing materials in later post, but that's just another of the mind benders. Fear of the unknown is keeping me on the conservative side.  And lastly, I will need to share Jay Shafer's recent list of 'things to do differently' at some point in this they are worth knowing.

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