Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Floor Plans

The reason the trailer purchase was so important was to really know the exact placement of the wheel wells, the max dimensions of the living space, etc. I have 14 iterations of the floor plan! The one key aspect that I settled on was a side entry door since I envision either living in an RV type park, a national park/campground or in a yard where I can build a full length porch. This aspect resulted in two issues: (1) There are few plans available for sale (zero from Tumbleweed) and (2) the cute/adorable TH look is now gone. But I am always error on being more practical and functional than aesthetically pleasing. One more issue that I have not seen discussed is the total height. Apparently, my next door neighbor warned on going above 12' due to the inability to take the home off the interstate or U.S. highways. He warns that I'll remove the roof one day. Lovely, eh? But due to a strong believe if the masses, if everyone else is going to 13.5' then is must be a manageable issue. I'm not willing to give up the loft space, which is the second aspect of importance to my design. Sadly, the loft creates another design issue that remains TBD: dormers in the loft. I believe dormers are worth the effort of adding given that it makes the loft more usable and less claustrophobic. Since I don't want to worry about skylights leaking, dormers also add more windows and light to the loft. I'm leaning to adding dormers.... Here is my 'latest floor plan' (loft will be above kitchen):

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