Sunday, December 29, 2013


Well, I'm pleased to report that something has finally been accomplished. Today, I was able to drill 10 1/2" holes in the angle iron to better support the load bearing walls. Need to return the carriage bolts and get hex heads. We figured out, thanks to the next door neighbor, to drill a pilot hole. The larger hole was then much easy to drill and went faster. I will add the bolts and tighten them later this week. And while it was raining, we cut the 2x6's that will glued and bolted to the front and rear of the frame to provide 3.5-4" support for bottom plate. I'm not sure these were needed, but...

Insulation in the floor has been an ongoing concern since acquiring the trailer. I plan to use 1.5" white foam board between the existing 2x6's planks that came with the trailer. Four planks are placed 24" on center, leaving about 16.5" between for 1 1/2" foam insulation sheets. This will supplement the 1.5" additional foam that will be placed on top of the planks after the 2x6 sills are screwed into the frame with self-tapping screws. I'm thinking about bolting these into the frame as well. In essence there will be roughly 3" of insulation in the floor which I expect is sufficient for a TH located in the sun belt. However, I still have plans to add additional foam insulation (sheets or sprayed) within the C-channels and then screw aluminum sheathing to the bottom of the C-channel to protection from moisture from the road and rodents.

Also, we verified that the trailer frame is a perfect rectangle...the diagonal measurements were identical! Yea!

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  1. UPDATE: Adding a 2x6 to the front and back was a mistake. The total length of the house is now 20' 3". That results in a waste of materials, e.g. plywood, or a cobbling together of scraps....neither of which is desirable.