Sunday, September 27, 2015


Two days of cutting and installing trim and still have a FEW left to install.  Trim is transformative!  Here is a picture of the loft, after the floor (paneling) was installed. It still needs the base board, but what view!

We did a picture frame style trim around all windows and doors.  Dormer presented it usual angle challenges, but Jack came through with intuitive math. I'm keeping the trim natural, and protecting them with the same satin polyurethane used on the walls.

One surprise that should be called out to would be builders.  You buy trim BY THE FOOT.  $1-$3 is typical.  I probably have about $500 in trim alone. Again, I needed it with the Pine T&G, but trim helps build a case for for paneling or 'large piece' wall covering (except Sheetrock which I abhor).

The OPEN HOUSE is scheduled for October 24th. 

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