Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Preparing to Weigh In

This past weekend I had hoped to bring my TH to the transfer station to weigh.  Since I had some planning issues, like not knowing how to work my braking system or having a PSI gauge that could validate if my TH tires were inflated properly (65 PSI), I changed the goal for the day and decided to finish installing the siding on the dormer.  I am pleased -- very pleased -- to report that ALL THE SIDING is installed!  I need to give Jack the credit for figuring out the geometry of the angles for cutting the siding to match the pitch of the roof.  He says its his secret, but I can attest that doing all four side walls of the dormer only took ~4 hours. It is all in knowing the angle/degrees to set the chop saw.  We both joked that if our high school math teacher used this as the reason to learn that stuff, students would pay attention!  Can you imagine a TH as one big, educational and PRACTICAL mathematics project? 

Anyway, I plan to do a final test on the plumbing, the electric, and then begin installing the second layer of insulation in the walls this coming weekend. I ordered an electric knife to cut the insulation sheets and then plan use it to carve the Thanksgiving Day turkey.  Although the insulation company never called me back with a quote (which is not unusual in Florida), I learned that 200 cubic feet of foam insulation would cost about $700. I can use 4x8 sheets of insulation and have a similar R value at a much lower cost! 

4x8 Finished VC Birch Panel-Item 969-965
I found some very attractive, knotty pine wainscoting (paneling shown at right) at Home Depot. I'm considering this instead of the 3/8" T&G knotty pine since it weighs less and would be MUCH FASTER to install. And it really looks good. For those that may be asking the next logical question, yes, I *could* upgraded my axles to handle a heavier load if is necessary. Is only money, right?

So the official weigh in day is October 25th -- after Mercury goes direct. I don't tempt Murphy or Mercury.  I have a friend that is experienced in towing heaving loads who offered to drive. Additionally, I have had a new gate installed in the side yard so I can back the Tiny House Of Love (or an RV) into the side yard, thus avoid trying to back it into the back yard and straddling the septic tank. 

In closing this blog entry, let me ask if you have ever felt love for a inanimate object?  Well, I have fallen in love with my Tiny YELLOW House.  It makes me smile to just look at it and I feel pride having built it by hand.  I know it is built well and with lots of LOVE!  All I need is a white picket fence and a English garden...

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