Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It takes a community....

Two weekends ago, the nail holes which were filled with wood filler were sanded and primed. I also built the door for the battery box and painted it with an enamel paint with primer. That same day, we also stuck bird block behind the bottom row of siding around the entire tiny house, allowing water to drain out should it get behind the siding but prevent bugs from getting in.  Jack and Luanne were on-site helping throughout the day.  Luanne organized all the tools, screws, and parts.  Do you know how wonderful it is to have things organized? 

During that week, I worked with Chris on debugging two electrical issues we had. Cell phone pictures made it all possible.  Now, all those problems are solved; the electric is working perfectly including the batteries and the inverter.

This past Saturday, more gable trim was put up and started caulking the windows.  On Sunday, I hosted a Tiny House movie and potluck for 27-30 folks who came as far as Orlando!  THANKS to everyone who came together as a community.  I loved it. My only disappointment was not making more time for us to get to know each other.  I also learned to include a map as a PDF in the invite so people don't get lost and not to use video streaming at a group event. Otherwise, it was a good event finishing with folks getting a chance to see the latest progress on the Tiny House.

Today, I started building the dormer windows. After failing using my router table, Leland (the next door neighbor) used his table saw to produce a 5/8" channel in the 2x3s where the window pane will sit. Unfortunately, progress is going to stop for a few weeks since I'll be traveling. Gulf Coast Supply came by today with the last piece of gable flashing and tomorrow it will be installed.  The entire roof will be done. Completely done. And I plan to open the bottle of Champagne I've been saving to celebrate completing the installation of the metal roof.  Do you know how long I've waited?  A long time.

Is it clear that it takes a community to build a Tiny House?  Well it does.

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