Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Loft

Putting up the 4x4 collar ties (loft floor joists)
It rained and was cold on Friday and Saturday, so I didn't get as far on the project as I hoped.  Nonetheless, the loft is complete!!! With my makeshift tarp roof, I could continue some work even though it was raining.
Admiring the installation of the first portion of the wainscoting
The collar ties are securely attached to the wall with 8" galvanized bolts. I counter sunk the carriage bolt heads so the sole plate would be flush.  I decided to use 1x4 wainscoting as the floor of the loft.  It looks beautiful from below, however, the floor of the loft has V grooves, rough and discolored in places.  So, when I get to the finish work I'll add a thin layer of something as the actual floor.  Decided not to install the flooring to the edge of the building.  I'm not sure it makes much of a difference, but I'll know by the time the roof is up.

8" bolts used to fasten the collar tie to the top sill
I am learning shopping for supplies takes longer than actually building. I spent a day getting the 4x4s and had to pick them up at a wholesale lumber company in Tampa. Installation of the loft only took about one full day.  

Finished!  The "ceiling" looks great!

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